Akoya Capital

Akoya Capital brings together CEOs and private sources of funding to execute M& A based strategies that create profitable, growth-oriented enterprises.

Akoya Capital partners to deliver significant value

Akoya Capital partners with industry-leading CEOs, proprietary platform companies, experienced management teams and co-investors to create robust, competitive, best-of-class organizations delivering significant shareholder outcomes and return on investment.

We generally target, but are not limited to, investments in companies with an enterprise value of $20 million and above and EBITDA of at least $2 million. We develop and execute sector led investment strategies in 4 key industries: (1) Consumer Foods, (2) Specialty Chemicals, (3) Environmental Services and (4) Workplace Safety. We have deep domain expertise in these sectors, which are led by Akoya Managing Directors that have distinguished operating careers and successful track records of creating shareholder value.

We also develop CEO led proprietary investment opportunities across a number of other industries, as well as proactively seek acquisition and investment opportunities in other "general" industries, such as manufacturing and business services. As a result of our management-led strategy, Akoya is viewed more as a strategic partner than a financial buyer. Significantly, Akoya is not a fund manager, so we are not negotiating with management, but rather on behalf of management.

We differentiate ourselves by emphasizing executive leadership; rigorously developing, defining and validating each investment strategy; proactively researching, identifying and securing the right target company; and providing the support to build meaningful enterprise value across the operational life of the investment.

We welcome you to our unique value proposition.